About Me

I started practising yoga in 2003. It happened almost by chance. I’d had enough of pounding the treadmill to tone up and keep fit, so I dropped in at an Iyengar yoga class at my local gym. At first I did it purely for the physical exercise, nothing else, but it made me feel good and my body began to change shape – I saw a new definition, I became trimmer and felt stronger. And my knees, that had given me trouble for years, stopped aching. And it was so much more appealing than running!

As other yogis will understand, I got the bug. Before I knew it, I was attending three classes a week and booking myself on yoga holidays. If I ever failed to make a session, my body really missed it. Then, when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity arose to retrain following redundancy, I took the leap. I enrolled on a teacher training course to study Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation, which I completed in September 2010 at Bodywise Yoga and Natural Health Centre in East London. The following year, I completed the Pregnancy Teacher Training course with the renowned Nadia Narain at triyoga. I am an Associate Level Two Member of Yoga Alliance Professionals.

You don’t need to be lithe and supple to benefit from yoga. “But I’m not that flexible” is one of the most common excuses I hear when I talk to people about taking it up. I wasn’t flexible either and it’s still something that doesn’t come easy to me, even today! You can’t expect your body to bend in a certain way, just because you decide after bending it in one way for 20 years, that now you want to bend it the other way. The same goes with your mind. Old habits die hard. Patterns form. They are difficult to break.

But change those habits, break those patterns and, like me, you may notice the wonderful sensation of being freer and stronger in your body and in your mind too.

Yoga is a journey. Not a destination. It is my passion. I don’t think that I could function without it.


“I find your classes are a benefit to working on my overall body strength, as well as a psychological benefit. I like your guidance to breathing & movement, which are delivered without feeling pressured, but with encouragement to challenge myself. The attention to breathing is like a new discovery for me and having the insight into this is so empowering – such a simple thing yet I feel like I’ve learnt a new skill.  We breathe every day but the idea of being aware of it gives me this space I didn’t know I could access”  – Dhesna Wise

“I found Helen’s weekly yoga sessions incredibly helpful during my pregnancy. Taking the time each week to prepare my body for the big event, relax and focus on my growing baby was invaluable. Before I attended the sessions I was suffering with lower back pain but after a couple of sessions and some posture advise from Helen, the pain disappeared. Helen is a brilliant teacher and being a mum herself understands what you are going through and any birth related anxieties you might have. I really looked forward to the session each week. I’m convinced they helped me with the birth and will definitely return to her class if we have another child” – Ruth Kelleher

“Helen Georghiou’s classes feel well planned and are easy to follow.  I like the focus on mindfulness and breathing. I always feel relaxed afterwards and have a good night’s sleep.” – Fiona Day

“Helen’s teachings were invaluable in ways that I never anticipated when it came to the birth itself. She taught me in her lessons to “breathe change into my body.” It was these deep breathing techniques that saw me through each painful contraction. And when it came to pushing I drew on the strength and focus that my body and mind had gained from her lessons. After two previous C-sections, I went on to give birth naturally with no drugs aside from a little gas and air. I have no doubt that Helen’s lessons gave me the strength to do that.” – Claire Marsh

“One of the things I miss the most about being pregnant was coming to your class, as it was the one time in the week I felt most connected with my growing baby. It was a place where you allowed us to give ourselves permission to have a very deep conversation with our bodies in relation to the exceptional stage in our lives of growing a baby. Thank you so much Helen for having just the right balance of nurturing and personal space in the most crazy stage of my life! Your class was a real sanctuary!” – Martine Charalambou

“Helen has a unique approach to her teaching, incorporating a good ratio of meditation and mindfulness with yoga postures and movement making them fit all abilities and ages. She is able to nurture all participants to the best of their ability with clear instructions and precision to detail.” – Katie Remyn

“Thank you so much for teaching me how to reach that tantalising and ephemeral snippet of inner peace and for helping me trust my body when I think all those contortions are going to leave me with aches and pains like when I have been running. I’m amazed that my body only feels lighter.” – Anisah Khwaja

“I love your classes – they have become such a part of my weekly routine that I don’t know what I would do without them!” – Catherine Bracewell