Mindfulness is defined as the capacity of intentionally bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment. It can be defined as the ability to observe things as they are: without choosing, without comparing and judging, without evaluating and without subtracting from or adding anything to what is happening. All the thoughts, feelings, sensations – indeed all our experiences, both physical and psychological – are like clouds passing through the sky.


What mindfulness teaching tells us is that we do not have to react to these thoughts as if they were the ultimate permanent truth, which we sometimes think they are when we experience them. In mindfulness, instead of reacting to our moment to moment experience, we cultivate a place for these thoughts and treat them as experiences in their own right. The practice of understanding this continuous process of impermanence is a fundamental pillar in mindfulness yoga practice.

In all classes, I invite you to focus on your breathing throughout the practice and to use the breath as an anchor when the mind starts wandering, which it naturally likes to do. I remind you again and again, to stay present, to be in your body and to pay attention to what is happening on the mat.


The class format changes each week so students are able to experience a variety of different postures and sequences. Sometimes we focus on a particular area of the body like tight hips or tense shoulders, sometimes we hold postures, sometimes we flow. However, an important part of the practice is good alignment and whether in person or on Zoom, I like to watch you, to see how you move, making sure that you’re not taking yourself to a place that your body is not ready to go to. It is fundamental to remember that my voice is just a guide. Only you can feel your body.


The majority of postures in yoga can be adapted to an individual’s needs, so don’t be put off if you are new to yoga or are working with an injury. There are always ways round the issue. Therefore, all levels are welcome in my class.


All I hope for is that you show yourself patience, don’t judge yourself if you can’t do a particular pose and to enjoy the class. And maybe what you uncover on the mat and the practices you learn, you can extend into your everyday life too.

I look forward to welcoming you to my class and always happy to answer any questions.


Weekly timetable

Mindfulness Yoga

Monday: 8pm – 9pm VIRTUAL
Tuesday: 8pm – 9.15pm IN PERSON & LIVESTREAM
Thursday: 9.30am – 10.30am IN PERSON

IN PERSON classes held at
Wanstead Quaker Meeting House, Bush Road E11 3AU

Price: £16/10 drop in or £70/50 for 5 consecutive weeks


What I especially like about your teaching is that you put so much thought into your lesson plans. Your teaching comes from a heart full place where you want people to have a real journey through the practice

Astra Farquharson

Yoga really helps me to connect, relax & sleep a bit better. Thank you for helping me on so many levels, I look forward to your yoga classes, as part of my essential self care.

Justine John Henry

Helen Georghiou’s classes feel well planned and are easy to follow. I like the focus on mindfulness and breathing. I always feel relaxed afterwards and have a good night’s sleep.

Fiona Day

Helen’s calm and clear approach to teaching yoga is amazing. Her guidance is supportive to help improve technique even via a zoom session. Helen’s yoga practice has transformed my breathing and taught me to take a moment to learn how to ‘stop the chattering’ and focus on the present moment.

Monica Secretan

I’ve been attending Helen’s classes since 2014. I appreciate Helen’s down to earth and warm manner, the extremely accessible yoga and the mindfulness element to the classes which helps to foster my attention and self-compassion. Helen is approachable & supportive and the classes are well organised. I’ve been so grateful that her classes have continued to run online over the lockdown as they’ve really helped my well-being during this difficult time. Thank you Helen!!!

Deborah Peters

I have been practising yoga with Helen since 2016. I like Helen’s approachable manner and how the yoga postures can be adapted to suit how flexible you are feeling on any given day . I also love the mindfulness which helps to give some respite from a busy mind. I definitely feel calmer and refreshed after one of Helen’s yoga sessions.

Felicity McSherry

Helen’s classes are unlike any other yoga class that I’ve attended. The poses are a mixture of challenging & soothing and even though I attend remotely, Helen always explains each pose super clearly so I don’t have to be looking at the screen all the time. I attend her evening classes and always have the best night’s sleep afterwards! I highly recommend this class to beginners and seasoned yogis alike.

Henrietta Richman

I look forward to Helen’s weekly class which is gentle and meditative but often quite strong and challenging with emphasis on breathing and holding poses and thereby building strength and balance. As I get older this is so important to maintain and I can’t imagine how I would manage without it. Helen is really amongst the best teachers I have known so if anyone wants a recommendation from me you’ve got it!

Wizzo Denholm

When I joined the classes with Helen, I was in a period of recovery. Mindful yoga not only nurtured my body but also my mind, and I am grateful to Helen for offering online classes. A couple of months later, when I learned that I was pregnant, it felt that I made the best possible start in this new chapter of my life.

Emy Korda