Pregnancy yoga can teach expectant mothers to trust her body and learn to let go of her fears and guide her towards a happy and healthy pregnancy and labour. When a woman learns to slow down her mind and tune into her body, she is better equipped to make the right decisions during childbirth. As you would train for a marathon or any other physically challenging event, so a woman needs to prepare for her labour. She must be powerful and strong, inside and out. These days many GPs and maternity units recommend it.


Pregnancy yoga is more gentle and focuses on postures and breathing practices that really help get ready for childbirth.It helps to strengthen, tone and create flexibility and openness in the body to make more space for the growing baby.

Movements such as hip openers strengthen the pelvic joints and their diameters to encourage the baby to move into a “head down” position. Pelvic exercises increase awareness and control of those all-important pelvic floor muscles and squatting positions take the pressure off spinal discs, which can help ease back pain as well as strengthen the legs and other muscles involved in the birth process.


Learning to breathe deeply and with control in your yoga practice can help to relax you during pregnancy and labour. By using long, deep breathing techniques we can learn to push our bodies to places we didn’t know possible. Your baby will benefit from this longer, deeper breathing technique because you will feel relaxed and therefore your baby will be more relaxed.


What I try and convey to expectant mothers in the class:

  • To strengthen her body
  • To soften her body
  • To be confident in her own body
  • To become more sensitive to her body, mind and heart
  • To make clear and educated decisions
  • To trust her body
  • To be in control of letting go
  • To look forward to giving birth
  • To understand it’s not about natural birthing, it’s about conscious birthing


Weekly timetable

Pregnancy Yoga

Tuesday: 6.45pm-7.45pm IN PERSON

IN PERSON classes held at
Wanstead Quaker Meeting House, Bush Road E11 3AU

Price: £16 drop in or £70 for 5 consecutive weeks


Helen’s teachings were invaluable in ways that I never anticipated when it came to the birth itself. She taught me to “breathe change into my body.” It was these deep breathing techniques that saw me through each painful contraction. And when it came to pushing I drew on the strength and focus that my body and mind had gained from her lessons. After two previous C-sections, I went on to give birth naturally. I have no doubt that Helen’s lessons gave me the strength to do that.

Claire Marsh

Thank you so much for getting me through my pregnancy, setting me up so well for birth and transitioning to mum and baby yoga! Life line!

Caitlin Birley

Thank you so much for the pregnancy yoga classes. They went a long way to help with various aches and pains, keeping me calm and practising breathing techniques ready for the birth.

Jenny Evans

I have thoroughly enjoyed Helen’s pregnancy classes. The sessions have helped me keep calm and relaxed and I certainly sleep well following them! The stretching exercises have helped ease a lot of backache and restless legs that I’ve been suffering with. Helen’s soothing voice really helps you get in to a zen headspace and most definitely keeps you feeling relaxed. I would definitely recommend these sessions to anyone who is looking to join a great pregnancy yoga class.

Lauren Pettitt

Thanks for the most wonderful pregnancy yoga classes. They were so restorative and even more necessary than the first time seven years ago, as I’d had even less time to myself being a mother this time round. I am so grateful for the Zen of your classes… Absolutely sacred!

Martine Charalambou

I loved the class and I think it will be an important part of baby and labour prep! I felt a little bit emotional at times, must admit, as it was one of the first times I felt really connected to my baby and doing something with and for them, all thanks to your approach. Thank you!

Katya Brooks

I really enjoyed the structure of the class and I felt very calm and happy at the end, thank you! The location is great and I loved the Quaker Meeting House venue in Leytonstone, it’s very atmospheric and spacious.

Vivian Christogianni

Thanks so much for your fantastic classes and enabling this little yoga community 🙂

Paulina Dąbrowska